Rapid Crisis Response with Siilo

Free Crisis Management Tool for Organisations

Siilo is currently offering tools to support medical professionals during the COVID-19 emergency for free. Use the compliant messenger to access a closed member directory, coordinate groups, and broadcast messages to ensure all the right people in your hospital and beyond stay informed and connected.

Martin mockel
As hospitals we have clear crisis response plans but pandemics like Coronavirus extend beyond just our walls and require us to think and act bigger. There is a crucial need for organisational, regional, and national alignment and communication among experts in this ever-changing landscape.”
Prof. Martin Möckel, Chief of Emergency Medicine and Acute Care, Charité Hospital, Berlin

Communicate with a secure, compliant messenger

Ensure data security with a compliant, PIN-code protected messenger that safeguards patient information. Any photos taken with the Secure Camera are stored safely within the app and can be blurred to protect patient identities.

Broadcast crucial alerts to relevant staff

Broadcast important and time sensitive messages and reach teams, departments, or the entire organisation directly on their mobile devices. On-site members can respond directly to administrators with pictures and videos.

Easily onboard your staff

Mobilise quickly by adding users en masse by sending out an email with a customised link or QR code to your dedicated and secure environment.

Create chat groups to discuss critical topics with multiple stakeholders

Administrators and members can create and manage specific chat groups to ensure medical professionals are informed on COVID-19 and other urgent topics.

Connect staff as fast as possible in one place

Instantly connect all staff through one closed organisation directory without needing to exchange personal details. Members can search for colleagues by specialisation or region to efficiently communicate through direct messaging.

Siilo can support your organisation and teams in emergency situations

Our ultimate goal is to make sure the people who are doing the most important work get connected so that they can focus on taking care of patients. Get in touch with a Siilo Specialist and determine how we can work together to make sure you are prepared for every scenario.