New Network Tab

Key Changes

  • Improved Network Tab
    Quick and easy to stay update with new content
  • New Network Homepage
    One place to get all the communication you need for your Organization or Association.
  • Better categorization structure
    Posts on the main stage, not hiding inside small squares.

🔹 Why is Siilo changing the network tab”?

Siilo wants to make their product better. We are working to make it easier for people in our network to keep up with new posts and replies. Now, when you open the network tab in Siilo, you’ll see all the latest posts and replies right away, saving you time as a reader and increasing the visibility of the posts for the post creators.

🔹 Where did the tiles go?

Tiles have been changed to make content easier to read. To find all the tiles in your organisation, tap the organisation card at the top of the network tab. This will open a new homepage for your organisation. There, you can go through posts by tile, search for members in your organisation, and change organisation settings like muting.

🔹 How do I find the content from a specific tile?

To find posts from a specific tile in your network, tap on the network card at the top of the network tab to open the network homepage. Scroll through the tiles listed horizontally to locate the tile you’re searching for and tap it. That will show only the posts inside. If you know the exact post you’re looking for, use the search bar at the top right of your network’s homepage.

🔹 How do I create a new post?

Creating a post is easy! Just tap the round button on the bottom right of your Network tab to get started. Then, select the network where you want the post to be added. Next, add a title, description, and any media (photos, videos, PDFs, etc.). When you’re done, tap Post” to share it with everyone!

🔹Where do the new posts show up now? 

All the members of the network you posted in, can see your new post. The new post will be at the top of the network tab. Posts in the network tab are sorted by new post and replies first, so you can always see the newest stuff first.

🔹 Can I still mute tiles?

Yes, you can still stop getting notifications about topics that you’re not interested in. When you mute a topic, you won’t get any notifications from posts or replies about that topic.

🔹 What steps do I need to take to gain access to the Network tab?

The new Network tab will be part of a regular Siilo app update, available in the AppStore and PlayStore like any other.

🔹 Will I lose any of the existing network content or tiles when I update?

No, all your content will remain in your networks in the same format as before. The changes will only affect how our users consume and create content, not the content itself.

🔹 When will this change happen?

From Monday, March 27th, all Siilo users will be able to use this new feature.

🔹 If you have any questions about the new network tab, where should you go?

You can contact the Siilo team directly via email at info@​siilo.​com

Join our webinar!

You will receive a personal invitation to our webinar on March 20th at 8pm CET, where we’ll introduce the new Network tab and you’ll have the opportunity to directly ask us any questions you want.