Collaborate with peers in your specialisation

With members geographically dispersed, one of the key challenges medical associations face is keeping everyone connected and informed. Facilitate discussions, rapidly update members on new protocols and guidelines, and support continuous learning with a dedicated Siilo network.

Discover new ways to engage your association members.

Develop and Share Guidelines

Keep members informed of protocols as they are developed in active work groups.

Support Continuous Learning

Enable members to learn from one another’s expertise and real-world experiences.

Create Networking Opportunities

Connect members who are geographically and institutionally separated.

Topic-based discussion boards

Organise interactions and communication between members according to discussion topic so that work groups can accomplish their goals with input from all relevant members. 

Exclusive member directory

Connect all association members without the hassle of exchanging personal details with a dedicated, searchable member directory. Members can search for new contacts by specialisation, location, and more.

Mobile broadcasts

Share association-wide announcements, upcoming events, the latest research, and more in one easily accessible location for association members.

Case-led learning

Facilitate case-specific discussions between association members within chat threads or discussion tiles to encourage knowledge-sharing.

Member engagement reports

Receive regular engagement reports to track the total number of members, messages sent, and active groups over time.

Intuitive mobile design

From download to first message sent, Siilo is as easy to use as any commercial messenger on the market.

Holger Eggebrecht
Siilo is as secure as it is simple. Within AGIK, we’re able to work together and stay in touch even outside of official events. I use it every day, several times a day, and communicate with people from Hamburg to Frankfurt to Berlin. It is a real game-changer.”
Prof. Dr. Holger Eggebrecht, Cardiologist at Frankfurt’s CCB Cardiology Centre

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Staying connected is critical to collaboration in healthcare. Learn how you can bring your peers together under one digital roof.