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Siilo at DMEA 2020

Siilo is headed to Berlin to attend the DMEA – Think Medical! Act Digital!” conference this April. Come join us and find out how we’re changing healthcare.

Connect with Siilo at Europe’s leading health IT event

We are thrilled to announce that Siilo will participate in Europe’s largest fair on health IT: DMEA in Berlin. Taking place 21 – 23 April 2020, DMEA offers a unique networking space to shape the future of digital and patient-centred healthcare.

Focus Points of DMEA 2020

The following topics will be the main focus of this year’s DMEA:

  • Medical Technology: How can new digital medical technologies support diagnostics and treatment?
  • IT Security: How can secure mobile applications and cloud computing be employed?
  • Digitalisation of nursing care processes: How can digital solutions help to cut down bureaucracy and have more time for patient care?

How Siilo is shaping the future of Health IT?

As digitalisation is progressing rapidly and legal frameworks for electronic information transfer are drawn up, Siilo aims to take on a pioneer role in shaping how medical teams communicate. By offering a secure, GDPR-compliant messaging app, Siilo developed a cutting-edge application to simplify communication and foster inter-professional collaboration. For example, Siilo makes it possible to transfer patients between health providers and share patient data in an easy, secure manner.

Where to find us at DMEA 2020

  • 21 – 23 April in Hall 2.2 at booth F‑113
    • We would love to hear how your organisation tackles digital communication. Come visit us at our booth and share your perspective!
  • 23 April 2020 at 11:30 in Hall 4.2, Hub 4
    • Join our talk on how Siilo is taking a pioneering role in shaping the German healthcare space, presented by Daniel Pourasghar, Head of Siilo Germany.

Join Siilo’s DMEA 2020 Network

We’ve created a Siilo network that demonstrates how a community of like-minded individuals can collaborate in a space designed for quick and secure communication. Within the network you can chat directly or in groups, as well as share media related to DMEA and your work even after the conference is over. Even if you can’t make it to Berlin, this group offers you a great space to connect with leading IT professionals in healthcare.

Follow these steps to join:

  1. Download the Siilo app in your App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Create your account and confirm your email address
  3. Verify your identity by submitting an image of your ID card
  4. Join the DMEA 2020” network in two ways:
    1. Click this link
    2. Scan the QR code below from the Siilo app by tapping the plus button and then Scan QR-Code”
  5. Find the DMEA 2020” network in the Spaces” tab of the Siilo app

Schedule a coffee with us

We are interested in learning more about how different healthcare organisations and IT roles in Germany are tackling clinical collaboration and messaging. If you have a great initiative to share or are considering Siilo, let’s find time to meet! You can see our availability here: https://​calendly​.com/​d​p​o​u​r​a​s​g​h​a​r​/​b​e​s​p​r​e​chung