Securely coordinate patient care

Hospitals and organisations often rely on outdated technology to solve communication challenges within their walls and beyond. With Siilo Connect keep everyone in your institution up-to-date and connected with each other in a way that is secure, compliant, and works best for them.

Provide your organisation with a secure, all-in-one communication platform.

Improve Team Productivity

Facilitate staff collaboration to maintain a high quality of care throughout the patient journey.

Connect with External Partners

Provide secure channels for consultations and referrals with external specialists.

Reach Organisational Compliance

Exchange patient information according to international healthcare standards.

Communicate securely

Ensure data privacy and security compliance at the organisational level with a unique Siilo Processor Agreement, and track progress as you transition away from unsecure messaging platforms.

Keep your staff connected

Broadcast important messages to specific departments from the official organisation account, and manage groups with internal and external contacts to help the right people stay connected and informed.

Create topic-specific discussion boards

Increase staff engagement by creating spaces to collaborate on patient cases, connect with each other via the dedicated member directory, and discuss the latest organisation news.

Set up and get started quickly

A dedicated Siilo Specialist will help you define clear organisational goals, get set up with best practices, and onboard users with a customised adoption toolkit.

Manage internal communication

Create an organisation-wide Siilo network to reach staff members who don’t have desktop access with internal news and updates. Use your network as a mobile intranet to keep everyone engaged and informed. Learn more about Siilo for internal communication here.

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Siilo is a simple, low-threshold tool that can help to bridge existing gaps between those working in the office and dealing with administrative processes and those involved in patient care.”
Steffen Ellerhoff, Manager of Communications Department at KRH, spokesman for Arbeitsgemeinschaft Kommunaler Krankenhäuser e.V. (AKG)

If you want to transition your organisation to a compliant messaging platform, let’s chat.

Connect all your staff to improve patient care. Learn how Siilo can help streamline communication within your organisation.