Siilo Web

Collaborate from your browser

For healthcare professionals who spend time at their desks reviewing notes or analysing test results, Siilo Web extends the functionality of our mobile app with the familiarity of your desktop, so you can securely connect with colleagues.

Share images and files from your computer

Upload images, scans, and files directly from your computer and send them to colleagues in your network through Siilo Web. When sharing via chat, it’s easy to ask follow-up questions and collaborate on solutions in real-time

Improve your workflows

Create patient cases, export messages to PDFs for your EHRs, start group chats — these key features you’re familiar with on mobile are readily available on Siilo Web.

Connect with confidence

Trust the identities of your colleagues on Siilo thanks to our in-depth verification process, robust user Profiles, and other security features designed specifically for desktop. To log in to Siilo Web, simply scan the QR code with the QR code scanner in the mobile Siilo app.

Dr Wouter Veldhuis
As a radiologist, I spend a lot of time at my computer and in communication with fellow radiologists, clinical colleagues, and GPs. Doing this through Siilo Web is faster and less invasive than a phone call, and allows me to include images to communicate results or ask for additional information.”
Dr. Wouter Veldhuis, Radiologist, UMC Utrecht

Siilo Web is available for free for all registered Siilo users. To get started, download Siilo from your device’s app store, go to web​.siilo​.com, and scan the QR Code from the mobile app.