Network medicine

Healthcare is a team sport

Collaborating across institutions, regions, and specialties is key to improving patient care around the world. Siilo is more than just a messaging app. We are bringing healthcare professionals together in a shared space with a shared purpose through technology. We call this Network Medicine.

How Siilo is bringing Network Medicine to life

With each message sent, each group joined, and each case created, Siilo users are sharing their expertise and experience to improve patient outcomes within and beyond their own institutional walls. There are three primary network types on the Siilo platform today:

Organisation Networks

Establishing a communication hub that facilitates compliant collaboration between organisation staff. 

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Peer Networks

Connecting peers within shared specialities to encourage knowledge-sharing and support continuous learning between experts in their fields. 

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Regional Networks

Bringing together regional leaders in healthcare to address capacity problems, resource allocation, and dissemination of new insights. 

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Joost Bruggeman2
Network Medicine is about simplifying collaboration between peers, across disciplines and geographical locations. The value of digital networks is in getting different perspectives where knowledge is still lacking or slow to arrive. It’s about sharing knowledge from the front lines back to the policy makers and everywhere in between.”
Joost Bruggeman, co-founder and CEO at Siilo

Let’s practice medicine together

Begin by improving communication and collaboration within your department or organisation or take a more active role at a regional and national level by establishing an association network or regional network. 

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