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Siilo’s Holiday Gift Guide

A wish list is always left by the wayside, but they’re a dream for last-minute shoppers in our lives. We’ve created one for the medical community!

Wish lists are always something that gets left to the last minute but a dream for last minute shoppers in our lives. They can easily become an afterthought when so much energy is spent buying gifts and preparing for the big day. To help lighten the load on both sides this year, we’ve created a wishlist for the medically minded community. Take a look at all of the weird and wonderful Christmas presents we thought medical professionals around the world could enjoy this year!

Take a deep breath

Practicing medicine can be stressful. We could all use a moment for ourselves and just… breathe. To start the new year with a clear and quiet mind, we recommend a subscription to a guided relaxation app like Headspace. Even the busiest of medical professionals can agree that it’s probably a good idea to take a moment for yourself.

Retail Price from Headspace​.com: €60 (p.a.) / $66USD (p.a.)

Audiophiles unite

While we definitely can’t advise wearing earbuds or headphones on the job, we can suggest popping on a set to relax after a long shift. Maybe use that mindfulness app or tune into the latest episode of that one podcast. Whatever the choice, a pair of wireless earbuds would enhance the experience. Pick up these by Marley — clean, pocket-sized, and even sustainably made!

Retail Price from Marley​.com: €150 / $150USD

Notetaking no for an answer

Say what you want about the digital age, there’s just something satisfying about a neatly organised notebook! A classic Moleskine is perfect for the professional who’s always jotting notes on anything within reach, and maybe convince them to abandon boring black for a flashy red or royal blue. The new year is the best time to turn a new leaf — er, page.

Retail Price from moleskine​.com: €45 / $45USD

Style and comfort 

Did you know nurses walk roughly four-to-five miles per 12-hour shift on average? We know that most medical professionals are on their feet most of the day, and so does Nike. To help you get through the day without foot pain, Nike has designed a shoe specifically for medical professionals. The Air Zoom Plus prioritises support and comfort above all else. 

Retail Price from Nike​.com: €110 / $120USD (Initial Launch in USA)

Start off Write

You can never find a pen when you need one. While it can’t improve legibility, the Stilwell pen is the small, compact, and ready for any situation. Perfect for rounds, home visits, or just keeping track of details on the go. If ever there was a pen to carry in the digital age, it would be this one.

Retail Price from thejamesbrand​.com: €93,50 / $85USD

But first — coffee

Medical shifts are rarely short, and relaxing breaks are few and far between. That perfectly brewed cup of coffee or tea often has to stay behind as work takes priority. Well no more. Designed for use on the go, the Ember Travel Mug keeps your beverages warm at a chosen temperature for up to three hours, giving your drink a fighting chance to stay warm until you return! 

Retail Price from Ember​.com: €200 / $180USD

On call, anywhere

As the Christmas break draws closer, some of you will inevitably be heading away for holidays with friends and family, or escaping the cold for sunnier climes. As a medical professional, with safety as top priority, no adventure would be complete without the VSSL first aid kit. The lightweight container is waterproof and has all the essentials for basic first aid, such as bandages, steri-strips, disposable thermometers, and medical gloves. 

Retail Price from VSSLgear​.com: €113 / $125USD

Squishy comfort

These anatomically correct plush toys offer something soft and fun to put under the tree come Christmas morning. They’re the ideal gift for medical professionals who could use a little bit more fun and colour in their office. And if the magazines are out of date, the interesting organ facts can keep patients entertained while they wait!

Retail Price from iheartguts​.com: €18 / $20USD

A cut above the rest

No relation to the dinosaur. Some serious shears like the Raptor can literally save lives, and it comes equipped with a multitude of tools to get the nitty-gritty work of emergency healthcare done. We can’t say they’ll come in handy every day for the average citizen, but if in need, the Raptor is a reliable tool worth keeping in reserve, and our first responders deserve a top-of-the-line piece of equipment.

Retail Price from Leatherman​.com: €95 / $70USD

Safe and secure messaging

Medical professionals juggle several eras’ worth of tech to communicate — pager, fax, phone call, email — but none of them are designed for secure and instant responses.Free up desk space, belt clips, and time this holiday season with secure medical messaging app, Siilo. Siilo is designed to help medical professionals coordinate patient care through group chats or discuss challenging cases with peers, one-on-one. Available for iOS and Android, Siilo is GDPR compliant, healthcare specific, and ushering in a new era of network medicine.

Retail Price from Siilo​.com: €0 / $0